How It Works

Crescendo works. But how? ⤵



  1. Crescendo begins by asking for the user’s consent to participate in training on Slack. #consentissexy

  2. Crescendo then asks several simple questions, like, “What is your level of familiarity with concepts related to diversity and inclusion?” and “What time of day would you like to receive messages from us?”

  3. Based on the responses Crescendo receives, the user is then placed on a learning path that is most well-suited to their “inclusion level.”


Crescendo Moments

Crescendo regularly sends curated content according to each user’s Learning Path, paired with an actionable tip to effectively inspire behavioural change. We also ask for feedback, helping us build Learning Paths that become more relevant over time.


A Crescendo Moment is made of 3 ingredients…

Open hand with heart hovering above it

Actionable Tip

Computer screen with play button


Thumbs up




Our team selects publicly-available content for our custom-curated Learning Paths. Our software intelligently selects which content to send each user based on their feedback, their level of knowledge about topics related to diversity and inclusion, the content that they have already consumed, world events, and more.

We consider content to be credible in two different ways:

  1. The content is created by people with demonstrable education and experience in the field. For example, we feature the voices of Chief Diversity Officers, Heads of Culture, and CEOs from major corporations, academics who have studied behavioural psychology, statistics, or other related fields.

  2. People who are speaking from their own experience. For example, we might feature a video made by a trans person, a person of colour, or a person with a disability, wherein they speak about their experience.


Crescendo works. Let us show you how.