Why It Works

“The highest-performing teams have one thing in common, psychological safety.” -Harvard Study


Diversity & inclusion education that starts conversations.

✓Empathetic ✓Inclusive ✓Productive

One-day training isn’t enough. Crescendo's Slack integration teaches inclusion week-over-week, for a more empathetic culture that lasts.


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Slideshows are OUT. Stories are IN.

People struggle to relate one-size-fits-all slideshows and workshops to their everyday lives. Crescendo combines scientifically-backed content with experiential learning, featuring real people telling their stories.


Everyone’s busy. Micro-learning makes it easy to make the time.

✓Concise ✓Scheduled ✓Simple

Users choose what time they receive their weekly Crescendo Moment, a 3-5 minute video or article that appears in their Slack Direct Messages. Along with each piece of content, Crescendo offers a simple action that will help individuals contribute to a more inclusive workplace.


Measure the effectiveness of inclusion training programs

Until now, companies in Canada and the US have been pouring billions of dollars into Diversity and Inclusion training without an accurate way to measure their impact on company culture. With Crescendo, you can see analytics related to employee engagement with training - overall, and by department.


Everyone has different life experiences.

✓Relevant ✓Personalized ✓Engaging

Traditional D&I workshops focus on one level of complexity for the entire group. Crescendo meets individuals where they are and provides learning that is personalized to their level of familiarity with diversity and inclusion.

Our content covers concepts and experiences in the categories of gender, sexuality, race, ethnic background, socioeconomic status, visible and invisible (dis)abilities, and age.


“I fundamentally believe that Crescendo will change the way teams function together.”