Diversity Content Sourcer (Part-Time)


Social Media, Creativity, Inclusion & Diversity


$3K – $4K 
No Equity

The Crescendo team is seeking a Diversity Content Sourcer to help build our database of content! If you are passionate about diversity and inclusion, have an understanding of concepts like systemic oppression, intersectionality, how those apply to the way we design products or communicate ideas, and like reading articles/browsing the internet - this position is for you!!

Pay: $14/hour 
Hours: 20/week 
Length: 3 Months

- Source 10-15 pieces of quality content a day (youtube videos, twitter threads, news articles, blog posts, etc). 
○ See www.getcrescendo.co/content-examples for examples of 
- Enter content into a preset database 
- Create a one sentence summary and one actionable tip per piece of content

Required Skills: 
- Knowledge of diversity & inclusion topics 
- Understanding of how those topics can affect sales, marketing, product development, and workplace inclusion 
- Creativity 

About Crescendo

We're a small team changing the way people treat each other in the workplace. Crescendo creates and provides personalized diversity and inclusion training for employees at a mass scale delivered right into Slack and Microsoft teams. For the first time, we're using technology to change the way that diversity and inclusion is viewed in the workplace.

At Crescendo we value honesty, open-mindedness, and real passion for change. We're looking for employees who embody those qualities and are willing to put in the work to have a big impact, from wherever you are.

How to Apply

Email us (daniel@getcrescendo.co) with your location and your CV, or apply on AngelList.

Rebecca Woodmass