Full Stack Developer (Full-Time in Montreal)


Cloud Computing, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Data Security, REST APIs, Full-Stack Web Development (Node/Redux/React)


$60K – $70K 
Equity: 0.0% – 2.0%

The Dev Team at Crescendo:

Join a team of passionate developers on a mission to make the tech industry more inclusive! As an early team member at Crescendo you will help shape the platform from the ground up. You'll go through a world-class accelerator program and learn from top dev and startup mentors. At Crescendo we all wear many hats - you'll get to experience early-stage startup life to the fullest and build impactful tools that are being rolled out in some of Canada's most forward-thinking companies.

What you need to know/have:

Architecture: You have a strong understanding of the building blocks of a robust and scalable system, and have experience building scalable applications with cloud tools. You're familiar with Azure, AWS, GCP, or IBM Cloud.

Databases: You're comfortable with databases both conceptually and in implementation. Familiarity with SQL is preferred, bonus if you've worked with multi-tenant databases in the past.

CS Fundamentals: You have an understanding of algorithms, data structures and design patterns, and are comfortable making decisions about which ones are best for the problem at hand.

Web Technologies: You have a strong understanding of the latest web development tools and techniques. You are familiar with JavaScript frameworks like Node, Angular, or React, and have built web applications with REST APIs in the past. Understanding of web security is a big asset.

Passion for Quality Code: You feel ownership over everything you ship. You write clean code, test thoroughly, and care about our end users.

Adaptability: You enjoy learning new skills and are willing to experiment with new tools to find the ones that work best. You embrace change and are excited about the prospect of being part of an early-stage startup!


How can I convince you I'm right for the job? - Show us your work! Ideally you can show us projects you've built running live on the web, ones you've built yourself and ones you've contributed to as part of a team. We want to get a sense for your work and working style, so share anything you think is relevant.

How much experience do I need? - At Crescendo, we don't measure your experience in years, but in demonstrated skill. If you're passionate about our problem and think you can contribute to solving it, please apply even if you don't have X number of years in industry on your resume. We love candidates with growth potential!

What is Crescendo built on? - The majority of the codebase is in Node.js, using Slack APIs for chat integration. We've got SQL databases in Azure and a couple fun tools you'll find out more about once you're on the team.

What's the culture like? - At Crescendo, we value the unique perspectives that every individual brings to our team. From day one, we've baked honesty, open-mindedness, and love of learning into the core of our culture, from the way we make big decisions to the way we write our code. As a member of our team you will be encouraged to bring your whole self to work, to challenge each other in a healthy, collaborative way, and to teach and learn from each other on the daily. It is through diversity that we see the world in new ways, and through inclusion that we all thrive and succeed together.

How to Apply

Email us (daniel@getcrescendo.co) with your location and your CV, or apply on AngelList

Rebecca Woodmass