Behaviour Change Platform for D&I


Crescendo is a Slack app for continuous, curated diversity and inclusion education.

How it works

Receive videos and articles about diversity & inclusion from the Crescendo Slack Bot

Helping you develop more empathy!

Take action after each Crescendo Moment to make your culture better

Actionable tips give you a small action you can take today to improve your company culture

Share your feedback to improve your learning experience.

As you learn more, you can move into more advanced content.


Data Driven D&I Education

Measure employee’s level of engagement and see what topics they are most interested in to help you build our the rest of your D&I program. This can be segmented by team, but doesn’t show any individual employee’s information.

  1. Employee D&I experience level

  2. Most popular D&I topics

  3. Opt-in rate

  4. Weekly engagement rate

  5. Feedback rate & sentiment


Content Comes From Real People, Sharing Their Stories

Our team selects content for our custom-curated Learning Paths. Crescendo intelligently selects which content to send each user based on their feedback, their level of D&I knowledge, the content that they have already consumed, world events, and more.


Ready to scale your D&I education?