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Crescendo is a Slack app for continuous, curated diversity and inclusion education.

"Since we got Crescendo, I feel better. Honestly."

Crescendo, the diversity education platform that fosters belonging and builds stronger teams at work.

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“Without Crescendo I can’t imagine these types of conversations would ever have come up.”

- Erika Leblanc, Software Developer & D&I Council Lead


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Crescendo Creates Behaviour Change


Raise Awareness

Crescendo allows you to see the world through someone else's eyes. Gaining new perspectives is the first step for people to understand the importance of diversity & inclusion.

Spark Conversation

Starting conversations about D&I-related topics can be uncomfortable and challenging. Crescendo helps everyone learn the language of D&I and set the tone for constructive conversations.

Build Empathy

Empathy is the core ingredient for behavioural change. Crescendo's personalized learning path is designed around building empathy by sharing real stories from real people.


Blog: How to Build & Scale People Ops


Cindy Gordon, VP People Ops Policygenius

Learn how this 15-year people operations leader has built and scaled the people operations function at two successful NYC startups. In the interview, we discuss:

  • Avoiding common mistakes in the early stages

  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace

  • Easing the transition for employees when scaling


How it works

Receive videos and articles about diversity & inclusion from the Crescendo Slack Bot

Helping you develop more empathy!

Take action after each Crescendo Moment to make your culture better

Actionable tips give you a small action you can take today to improve your company culture

Share your feedback to improve your learning experience.

As you learn more, you can move into more advanced content.


Real People, Real Stories

Our team selects content for our custom-curated Learning Paths. Crescendo intelligently selects which content to send each user based on their feedback, their level of D&I knowledge, the content that they have already consumed, world events, and more.


Don’t just take our word for it!


“Crescendo prompts conversations amongst our team, bringing light to issues that can be uncomfortable, and provides an avenue for starting a discussion.”

Lauren Mercurio-Smith
Head of Team Culture at inkbox


“I fundamentally believe that Crescendo will change the way teams function together.”

Carly Gloge
Robotics Product Manager at Google X


"It can be difficult to introduce DIBs initiatives without making people feel guilty about their privilege and I found that Crescendo offers a gentle approach that allows for our team to opt-in and learn at their own pace."

Traci Cheng
Head of People and Operations at Zoom.ai


Ready for a culture shift?