Techstars Announces 2018 Montreal AI Cohort

Announced in March, Techstars and Real Ventures partnered to launch the AI-specific program in the city, which boasts a strong AI ecosystem, including companies like Element AI and a growing presence of labs from Facebook, Google, and Samsung. The ten selected companies will spend three months in the program, before ending with a Demo Day on December 5.

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PressRebecca Woodmass
A summer of growth: Venture Day 2018

The Next 36 Outstanding Venture Award winner, Crescendo, has developed a tool that sends employees personalized diversity and inclusion training through Slack and similar workplace communication platforms in order to identify and resolve bias in the workplace. Co-founder Daniel D’Souzaexplained that Crescendo already has nine early adopters in the pipeline for paid pilots and has raised $240,000 in the last nine weeks.

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PressRebecca Woodmass
Creating an Inclusive Culture: Julie Whish @ Uberflip

Last week I talked to Julie Whish, Uberflip’s Culture Specialist, about how they create an inclusive culture at Uberflip. She share amazing advice for how you can do the same:

  1. What is actually involved in the role of a Culture Specialist.

  2. How Uberflip ensures that the role is successful.

  3. 7 things Uberflip has done to create a diverse and inclusive culture.

  4. Why Uberflip decided to create this role.

  5. The first step a company should take to create a more inclusive culture.

  6. Why Julie operates the Uberflip Instagram page and how it strengthens their employer brand.

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