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3 Ways to Train Cultural Competence

Improve workplace productivity with cultural competence.

Cultural competence is an element of diversity and inclusion linked to increased customer retention and new market opportunities. As companies get more global and countries gain more diversity, understanding and improving cultural competence is a necessary part of professional and business development.

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Stefan Palios
Talking People Ops with Cindy Gordon, VP of People at Policygenius Inc.

We recently had an insightful chat with Cindy Gordon, VP of People at Policygenius Inc. Policygenius is the nation’s leading online insurance marketplace, with a focus on making it easy to find and buy insurance.

Policygenius just expanded earlier this year to offer home insurance and auto insurance. They also offer a way for consumers to compare and buy life, disability, and pet insurance. For consumers…

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Fatima Abrar
Approaching D&I With Andrea Corey, VP Product Development at

We recently spoke with Andrea Corey, VP of Product Development at Corey previously worked at Eloqua (later acquired by Oracle) where she performed various roles including VP of Systems Architecture, VP of Quality and Performance Engineering, and VP of Quality Assurance.

Corey is also an Activator with SheEO Inc. Corey has had immense experience in tech and has considered diversity and inclusion throughout her career.

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Fatima Abrar
D&I Leader Katrina Jones Shares Her Best Advice

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Katrina Jones, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Twitch. Jones was previously Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Vimeo, and Global Inclusion and Diversity Manager at Accenture.

In the interview below, Jones shares her valuable tips on:

Kicking off Your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

  • Gauging how diverse and inclusive your organization is….

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Fatima Abrar
Interview with Jake Stika of Next Gen Men

Jake Stika, co-founder and executive director of Next Gen Men, recently named in the 2018 Top 40 Under 40  by Avenue Calgary.

Next Gen Men’s goal is to cultivate open, safe spaces to bring boys and men into critical conversations about gender.

They seek to facilitate open dialogues while also encouraging young men to step up and support others in order to drive positive change, dismantling the status quo.

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Interview with Sophia Jaffer, HR Lead at Collage

Last month we had a great chat with Sophia Jaffer, Senior Account Manager and HR Lead at Collage, to get her insights on how companies can jumpstart their people operations. She is also a Certified Human Resources Professional with prior experience working with Summerhill Group and Ample Organics.

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The SaaS-E[quality] Unconference Experience

Last month we collaborated with SAAS-E[quality] to give away a pair of tickets to this day full of solution development and collaboration. There was a mix of lightning talks, a solveathon, and facilitated discussions to come up with solutions for a more equitable SAAS industry.

We are happy to announce our contest winners were Marlies Farrill, Technical Talent Specialist at Ritual, and Paige Sopik, Marketing Specialist at Hubdoc!

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Inkbox Partners With Crescendo

We are very pleased to announce that Crescendo is now partnered with Inkbox!

inkbox, based in downtown Toronto, is a retailer of temporary tattoos aimed at those who do not want to commit to a permanent tattoo. Rather, the goal was to create temporary body art which could speak to a given individual for a shorter period of time in their life.

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Fatima Abrar
Diversity & Inclusion: “It’s our responsibility” - A Candid Conversation with Jason Wong

Issues like non-inclusion, pay inequities, lack of representation, marginalization, and problematic hiring practices have largely remained unaddressed in the tech industry.

We explored these concepts with Jason Wong, who has made waves as an engineer and diversity and inclusion consultant. His extensive experience of over nineteen years in the industry boasts roles with Yahoo! Sports and Etsy, among others.

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HR Conference Guide - SAAS NORTH 2018

We are very excited about the upcoming conference and put together an easy-to-follow guide to highlight the most significant events and speakers for HR professionals.

We hope that this guide will serve as a tool to help you navigate SAAS NORTH and leave you with more time to enjoy the Conference! It is also mobile-friendly so you can follow along with our Guide during Conference days.

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SAAS-E[quality] Unconference

We are thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with SAAS-E[quality] to send one person to the conference and be a part of the #solveathon. SAAS-E[quality] is a one-day pop-up unconference happening in Toronto on December 3rd, 2018. The conference is designed to advance equality in the SAAS ecosystem.

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